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Bell-Mont Meats is Uintah Basin’s meat paradise! We are where producer and consumer ‘meat’!

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From the time they purchased the Superior Meat building in June of 2022, Bryan and Jessica Bell have been hard at work to provide clean, safe meat products that are locally sourced in the Uintah Basin. Bell-Mont Meats began processing animals the first week of September 2022 and dispatches and processes livestock for human consumption, with a primary focus on humane treatment of animals to the best of our ability.

Bryan & Jessica were raised farming and ranching. They continued their livestock education at Brigham Young University as Animal Science Majors. Bryan worked through school managing the research swine unit, mixed feed for the BYU Dairy and met his eternal companion in the milk barn when they were assigned as milking partners. Jessica also worked for Deseret Meats, in conjunction with milking, to help pay for school. The two never imagined their childhood and young adult experiences would come full circle in such a capacity as owning a meat plant.

The Bells also manage Boot Hill Farms with Bryan’s parents, Rick and Jennifer Bell. They operate a poultry abattoir on the farm, providing pastured chicken, pork, grass-fed beef and lamb to local residents. Their on-farm retail store features other locally produced products as well as their own pastured eggs and raw milk.

Bell-Mont Meats wants to help Basin producers market their animals locally. We have farmers and ranchers in the Uintah Basin who raise superb livestock. Our products should be what Uintah Basin residents are putting on their tables, and we want to facilitate that purchase. We feel it very important to market the food produced here in the Valley instead of sending it somewhere else. It strengthens the local economy to buy locally-produced foods. Bell-Mont Meats is doing just that.

We currently supply beef to Betty’s Cafe and Plaza Mexicana. Every product retailed is state inspected. There is no other facility in Uintah County to match. Presently, two full-time and five part-time employees keep things rolling Monday through Friday, 9-6.

The Bells credit DJ and Sandy Reynolds for the great butchering service they provided to the Uintah Basin for so many years. The old Superior Meat building that is now Bell-Mont Meats, was built in 1947 by the Deloss Reynolds family. We continue to work hard to improve the physical structure that housed Superior Meat Co. as well as provide a quality service in meat packing.

We also recognize the blessing of being handed the reins, if you will, of a business with so many loyal customers. DJ Reynolds dedicated, if not sacrificed, his life to Superior Meat. We hope to move forward and build upon that strong foundation.

The passion to honor that legacy led Bryan to spend countless hours between June, when the Bells purchased the building, and August re-engineering the drip cooler, completely rebuilding the livestock holding pens, and upgrading the knock box in order to ensure humane handling of the animals brought in for harvest. The hard work continues as Bell-Mont Meats plans a long run serving the Basin.

Take a look at what Bell-Mont Meats has to offer!

Locally Produced Beef, Lamb & Pork

Locally Produced Beef, Lamb & Pork

We source our meat produce from local farmers and support sustainable agriculture.

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Customized Cuts

Customized Cuts

We offer a wide range of custom cut meats to suit your specificities and unique meat preferences.

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Diverse Cultural Meat Cuts

Diverse Cultural Meat Cuts

Keeping in mind the special cultures and traditions, we offer special cuts for all customers!

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Raw meats with custom cut
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What Makes Us Special?

  • We offer a vibrant range of fresh meats in all cuts!
  • We were featured on “Progress in the Basin” magazine.
  • We accept all forms of payment as well as Apple Pay and EBT.
  • We are the only inspected kill floor in Uintah County.

Our Special Meats

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